Bill would rather be in Paris.

All things considered, I'd rather be in Paris

Bill Silberg is a strategic communications, editorial and publishing consultant with 30 years of experience in journalism, professional and trade publishing and communications. His specializations include health, medicine, science, policy and education.

Bill has worked for United Press International, the University of Chicago Medical Center, American Medical News and the Journal of the American Medical Association, Medscape, The Commonwealth Fund and, most recently, the New York Academy of Sciences. He has now turned those years of experience and the many contacts he’s made along the way into a consulting practice.

Bill’s experience includes both traditional and online editorial development and management, strategic communications, media relations, journalism, and continuing professional education.  He has built editorial staffs large and small, made struggling operations better and good operations great. He specializes in developing and implementing content strategies; building teams and programs; improving editorial and production process; and creating and enhancing professional relationships and collaborations.

In addition to his consulting work, Bill is Editor-at-Large at the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, where he oversees digital initiatives and development of strategic partnerships,  and serves as a Senior Fellow and Chair of the National Advisory Council of the Center for Health, Media and Policy at Hunter College/CUNY.

For more information, email Bill or call him at +1 973-868-1285 (M).



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  1. Bill, welcome through a new window into the world you’ve spent your lifetime caring about, observing, and working. It’s always refreshing to read clear thinking and writing. Looking forward to tracking you and your blog,
    Mike Squires

    • Thanks Mike. This experienced but blogging newbie needs all the support he can get!

  2. Bill, great to find your blog. Mine is a personal journal more than anything else, but I love the blogosphere. Look forward to reading you here.

    • Thanks so much Faith. I follow you, faithfully, on FB and now will do so bloggedly. All best.

  3. […] few months back, fellow consultant Bill Silberg and I began conversations with the smart people at the Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News […]

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