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I’m just back from Baltimore and the annual meeting of the Council of Science Editors (CSE), an organization with which I’ve been pleased to be associated for — OMG — more than 20 years. I was privileged to be a member of this year’s Program Committee (next year’s too) as well as serve as a moderator for three sessions, on the state of the STM marketplace, media relations tips and tricks, and how to develop a killer mobile strategy¬†(a session organized with my colleague Robert Harington of the American Institute of Physics).

Slides from all three sessions should be up on the CSE site at some point. Until then, I’m pleased that one of the speakers at my media relations session, Brian Reid of WCG, has posted an excellent summary of his talk and those of his co-speakers, Reuters Health Executive Editor Ivan Oransky, MD, and Jann Ingmire, Director of Media Relations for JAMA and the Archives Journals (yet another job I used to have that someone now does far better than I did). Check out Brian’s post here. Ivan posted his slides as well; ¬†some very straightforward and practical advice for public information officers and other media relations types who want to know how to get his attention and that of his journalist colleagues.


Social? Try mobile too

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We heard a lot at the Communications Network conference about how we’re all testing the social media waters as part of our communications efforts — some dipping a toe, others wading in to the waist and a few (to torture the metaphor a bit more) diving in.

It was clear that the opportunities here go well beyond adding a simple content distribution channel , and equally clear that no one quite knows yet just useful — and cost-effective — these tools will be. Indeed, more than a few of us joked in hallway conversation that just as we figure out the basics of current Web 2.0 tools, we’ll have to contend with the next new thing coming down the pike.

So it was with great interest that I saw today’s post on the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Scholarly Kitchen blog by my friend Kent Anderson, one of the chief drivers of the New England Journal of Medicine‘s highly innovative online publishing efforts. Kent reports on the latest economic and internet trends identified by Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker in her presentation at this month’s Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Her take-home message this year — “Mobile Internet.”

This was Meeker’s 6th annual review of emerging trends in this space and Kent points out that she’s provided spot-on analysis every single time. So her overview is worth reviewing by anyone experimenting with Web 2.0 tools, no matter how sophisticated the effort.

In addition to walking through mobile internet trends, Meeker analyzes the revolutionary nature of social media networks like Facebook, then ties it all together. Kent offers a terrific synopsis and you can see Meeker’s slide deck on Scribd.

How will our communications efforts have to evolve to take full advantage of the mobile internet? Will we just be getting comfortable with that platform when something entirely new comes along (I keep predicting that it’ll be holograms, but what do I know)?

Stay tuned.

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